Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to help an ever-increasing number of businesses improve to their performance by regularly applying our advanced technology to their ongoing needs. We seek to establish and maintain our competitive edge through product and service innovations and superiority.

The Marketplace (clients, prospects, competition) is our driving force. It is the only valid judge of performance. We want to be #1 in each marketplace we serve.

Outstanding client service is our greatest competitive strength and highest priority. Each client is precious.

Cutting edge technology is the key to enhanced client service and productivity.

Service and product development must continually meet the changing needs and preferences of our clients, ahead of competition and with unique features that earn us a distinctive position in the marketplace.

Outstanding dedicated people make it all happen. We are committed to building and motivating a team of especially effective people who share our values and high standards. We will offer challenges, opportunities, rewards, and personal development with pleasant working conditions and an informal, apolitical, fast-paced, stable environment.

Success is measured by our increasing number of satisfied clients, increasing market share, and increasing efficiencies ... which ultimately result in increasing revenues and profits.

We demand high ethical standards of ourselves and those with whom we do business.

Our shareholders deserve satisfactory and growing profits from their investment.

And, we want to have "business fun" while doing all of the above. We define "business fun" as enjoyably pursuing worthwhile objectives, together with others whom you like and respect.